No appetite for change? A look at food and obesity policy

Our expert research team has taken a look at the key issues on food and obesity policy and what UK people really think about them. Managing Consultant, and research specialist, Tom Welborn explains the results and why politicians shouldn't fear interventionism on food and obesity policy.

This month, children across London will return to school and universally receive a free school meal for the first time. The initiative comes off the back of Marcus Rashford’s campaign for free school meals during COVID. Both policy and campaign are aimed, primarily, at reducing the financial burden on struggling parents and ensuring that the least well-off children have at least one hot meal per day.

The extension to universal school meals in London will go some way to removing the stigma attached to receiving them and create a healthier relationship between school aged students and food. This latter point has the potential to make a lasting impact on public health and government finances. This kind of interventionist policy has proven politically contentious, but our polling shows that savvy politicians would do well to support this and other school level public health interventions.

Thomas Welborn
Forget chatGPT, meet chatMP

Our Director of Policy and self confessed AI nerd has taken a look at the possibilities and pitfalls possible with greater use of the evolving technology in the political sphere.

Adam Bell
The Engineering Skills Gap: Evolving the industry to inspire the new modern workforce

Britain is on the brink of an engineering skills crisis that threatens to delay major infrastructure projects unless it addresses how the sector is seen.

Why Britain needs more pylons, and how to get them built. 

Stonehaven’s Director of Policy, Adam Bell, spoke to the BBC in response to the Government’s announcement today on the insights to unlock consensus for the construction of more pylons to make energy cheaper for consumers. If you missed the interview, you can read his blog here.

Adam Bell
Taking the right lessons from the Uxbridge by-election and ULEZ

When you understand that mandating individual change is driving opposition to ULEZ, you can begin to understand how to make the case for change.

Pandora Lefroy
Politicians and business leaders must wake up to the end of cheap money, as ‘hamster wheel households’ start to feel the pain.

The following opinion piece was first published via CapX. Data tables from our research are available for download at the bottom of this page.

Mark McInnes
| 27/03/2023
A Route to Re-Election?

The Conservatives are underpriced, and a Labour victory at the next election is not set in stone, despite what many had seen in recent years and an insurmountable lead in the polls. According to Stonehaven's latest polling and analysis, the Government has turned a corner on two years of decline, but the pathway to victory remains narrow. A gloomy economic outlook offers little room for manoeuvre and most voters are unconvinced that the Budget will make a positive difference.

| 09/03/2023
The Return of Nuclear

The last couple of years have seen a sea change in public attitudes towards new nuclear across the UK. Rising energy bills and Putin’s war in Ukraine have put a laser-like focus on the UK’s energy security and revealed more starkly than ever the importance of investing in British energy infrastructure such as new nuclear. The UK Government has responded, committing to up to 24GW of new nuclear by 2050 in its recent Energy Security Strategy.

| 19/01/2023
Labour: back in business

In our latest insights feature, our new Senior Advisor, Carwyn Jones, talks about how UK businesses can build stronger bridges with the current Labour Party.

| 30/06/2022
Beyond Sticking Plasters: Cost of living & the energy crisis

UK energy prices have increased by about 50% over the past six months and further sharp increases are expected over the next year. This will squeeze domestic budgets, especially for those households with less than the average disposable income of £31,000 a year, for whom energy already makes up 7% of expenditures.

| 26/05/2022
Challenges for implementing locational pricing in the UK

The Electricity System Operator National Grid has recently proposed a radical change to the way the UK’s power market sets prices. This would move the UK from a single national price for power to potentially hundreds of hyper local prices.

| 25/04/2022
The Plant-Based Revolution: Fad or Fixture?

Plant-based foods are an increasingly popular alternative to meat and dairy products. In the second report of Stonehaven and Robertsbridge's Sustainability and Political Economy series, we explore the changing place of meat in the diets of people around the world, as well as the policy implications and business opportunities that come with change as sustainability pressures mount.

| 11/04/2022
The changing global trade landscape - the key themes for business

Paul Madden CMG, our Senior Advisor, shares the six challenges business face when navigating the growing trend of deglobalisation and the opportunities it offers.

Paul Madden CMG
| 16/12/2021
The science of politics, climate, and the impact on aviation

It has been almost 2 years since the aviation industry was grounded. The path back will be shaped by customer concerns over open borders, appetite to return to mass travel, and growing concern over the climate impacts of aviation.