| 19/01/2023
Labour: back in business

In our latest insights feature, our new Senior Advisor, Carwyn Jones, talks about how UK businesses can build stronger bridges with the current Labour Party.

| 30/06/2022
Beyond Sticking Plasters: Cost of living & the energy crisis

UK energy prices have increased by about 50% over the past six months and further sharp increases are expected over the next year. This will squeeze domestic budgets, especially for those households with less than the average disposable income of £31,000 a year, for whom energy already makes up 7% of expenditures.

| 26/05/2022
Challenges for implementing locational pricing in the UK

The Electricity System Operator National Grid has recently proposed a radical change to the way the UK’s power market sets prices. This would move the UK from a single national price for power to potentially hundreds of hyper local prices.

| 25/04/2022
The Plant-Based Revolution: Fad or Fixture?

Plant-based foods are an increasingly popular alternative to meat and dairy products. In the second report of Stonehaven and Robertsbridge's Sustainability and Political Economy series, we explore the changing place of meat in the diets of people around the world, as well as the policy implications and business opportunities that come with change as sustainability pressures mount.

| 11/04/2022
The changing global trade landscape - the key themes for business

Paul Madden CMG, our Senior Advisor, shares the six challenges business face when navigating the growing trend of deglobalisation and the opportunities it offers.

| 16/12/2021
The science of politics, climate, and the impact on aviation

It has been almost 2 years since the aviation industry was grounded. The path back will be shaped by customer concerns over open borders, appetite to return to mass travel, and growing concern over the climate impacts of aviation.