About Us

Issues with the highest stakes are increasingly occurring at the intersection of business, government, regulators, and non-financial stakeholders. Mega-trends driven by consumer and voter attitudes and their consequential political impacts are making conventional tools for developing policy proposals, and the case for them, less effective.

Our data driven approach makes sense of this complexity, by showing the long-term political and societal forces on a company or sector. Data and research help us develop integrated policy and advocacy strategies for clients. Alongside powerful framing, we build evidence-based arguments, new policy proposals, actionable ideas and we deliver change through highly impactful strategic communications campaigns.

What we do

We believe near intractable business problems cannot be solved by the win-win strategies of the past.

In a decade that will be defined by major transitions across energy and climate, techno capitalism, and globalism, navigating the political economy – the interaction of citizens, governments and economics - has never been more important to your competitive advantage.

Stonehaven is the consultancy for global leaders looking to act decisively and confidently through the major transitions of our time.

Our offer

STRATEGY | We use data science to predict trends and research to understand what that will mean for your future operating environment.

POLICY | We consult with you to craft an effective, distinctive and sustainable response.

ADVOCACY | We build coalitions and advocate to policy makers, to ensure your response is delivering shareholder and stakeholder value.

We are powered by a data ecosystem, of voter and consumer insights, learning and optimising from engagement data across trends and sectors in the UK and globally. We learn from each project and capture the data for the next one.

By combining this data with expertise, we create strategies, policy frameworks and campaigns that deliver renewed certainty for our clients and positive impact for the societies we work in.


Combined expertise across fields

Each client problem has a bespoke team, built by capability, trend and sector requirements.

Together, Stonehaven is opinion researchers, data scientists, policy experts, economists, creative thinkers and campaigners.

Our mission is to bring distinctive, sustainable thinking to the intractable challenges our clients face in complex operating environments.


Stonehaven recently acquired international advisory firm Robertsbridge, a leader in sustainability counsel, helping businesses to operate successfully in the context of rapidly shifting policy and regulatory frameworks, and customer and campaigning pressure

With a global network of sector leading experts the team deploys competitive thinking, using the ESG agenda as a new front line in business performance and regulation.

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Stonehaven Australia

Nowhere are transitions in climate politics, regional trade relations, and the economy being more acutely felt than in Australia. There is a growing urgency to respond to these challenges.

Stonehaven Australia will help organisations navigate and prosper from these trends, using our unique integration of data science, policy, economics and advocacy to build programs that secure real outcomes.

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Our people

Neil Clitheroe

Managing Director

Alison Neyle

Managing Consultant

Adam Bell

Head of Policy

Luke Betham

Senior Data Scientist

Louis Buzuk

Senior Consultant, Corporate Communications and Crisis

Lucy Harris

Senior Consultant, Local and Political Campaigns

Rupert Cunningham

Consultant, Public Affairs and Policy

Connor Campbell

Data Analyst

Ciara Dullaghan

Senior Consultant, Corporate Communications

Geraint Evans


Vincent Fabri

Consultant, Public Affairs and Research

India Knight


Jack Knight

Managing Consultant

Toby Flower

Analyst, Public Affairs

Nathalie Guinamard

Senior Graphic Designer

Sophie Humphrey

Consultant, Digital and Campaigns

Pandora Lefroy


Chris Loy

Managing Consultant, Digital Lead and Corporate Communications

Peter Lyburn

CEO and Founder

Rebecca Sims-Robinson

Managing Consultant, Research and Insights

John Moylan

Senior Media Advisor

Angus Boobbyer

Consultant, Public Affairs and Media

Seth Oberlander

Analyst, Corporate Communications and Digital

Liam O'Keefe


Laurence Pemberton

Consultant, Public Affairs

James English

Managing Consultant

Harry Lewis

Head of Finance

Jackie Muringapasi


Adarsh Krishnan

Data Analyst

Millie Taylor

Consultant, Corporate Communications and Creative

Kit Nicholl

Senior Consultant, Strategic Communications

Malin Baker Bogue

Senior Consultant

Hamish Phelan


Alex Scarborough

Managing Consultant, Digital

Lucy Stewart


Toby Tanner

Senior Consultant, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs

Toni Isbell

Executive Assistant

Harry Vincent


Ollie Wilson

Senior Consultant, Creative Lead

Gemma Welch

Consultant, Research and Insights

Henry Woodward

Consultant, Quantitative Research

Thomas Welborn

Senior Consultant, Research and Insights