Our Approach

Short-term actions do not cut it anymore. We use data to create the certainty required for leaders to make long-term choices that shape and thrive within the political economy's mega trends. This is our most unique offering. Certainty is arrived at 3 key principles:

Data Clarity

Our predictive analytics and data insights show the paths to success, helping us set viable and ambitious objectives.

Behind these insights is our data ecosystem, which utilises billions of data points on citizens expectations through mega trends in 8 countries, mapped to sectors and clients. We use machine learning to find key insights allowing for optimisation of client choices.

This data approach helps organisations to maintain a focus on key objectives, remaining focused in advocacy, even when external and business pressures create distractions.

Strategy led

With clear objectives as our North Star, we build strategies which help our clients influence their external business environment.

Our strategies create pathways to change which navigate the policy, regulatory, reputational and commercial barriers to a client’s success.

Positive Impact

Many of the economies in which our clients operate are too imbalanced, too slow growing or unsustainable long-term.

Every transformation or policy campaign is an opportunity to increase alignment between social aims, environmental action and shareholder value.

We work with clients who have an ambition to make a positive impact on the world around them – and we help them achieve it.

We're experts in the modern political economy, helping clients change or compete - for good.