Stonehaven has expanded its capacity and capability in the Asia Pacific region with a new office in Singapore, extending its existing Stonehaven network from Sydney, Dubai, and London.

Data-driven insights in Asia Pacific markets

Asia Pacific has fast become the geopolitical centre for a set of diverse, dynamic, and complex issues that have profound implications for organisations, globally.

From our regional hub in Singapore, we build and deliver science-based, data-driven, and human-led strategies that help our clients navigate unprecedented societal and environmental trends across markets, and accelerate their sustainable business transformation journey in response to those changing conditions.

With deep capability and experience in research, insight, engagement, and policy design within Asia Pacific markets, we are committed to reshaping sustainable policy making, supply chain transformation, and critical communications decision-making.

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Adrian Suharto

General Manager, Asia Pacific, Robertsbridge

Mega Kharismawati

Senior Consultant, Robertsbridge

Chiara Vitali

Head of Nature and Land Use, Robertsbridge

Alex Bunting

Head of Strategy, Robertsbridge