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      Politics | 12/07/2024

      A deep dive into Stonehaven's 2024 UK General Election MRP and what it tells us about voters

      Stonehaven’s 2024 UK election MRP accurately predicted the outcome of the election, only 38 seats out from the overall seat totals, making it the closest model in the UK.

      How the model performed in more detail

      Our MRP model demonstrated remarkable accuracy. When examining the results of...

      Luke Betham


      Politics, policy and people: Stonehaven's final pre-election MRP projection

      Ahead of Thursday's UK General Election, Stonehaven has today released its final MRP (Multi-level regression with post-stratification) projection with Labour set to claim a resounding win with 420 seats according to the modelling. You can view a seat-by-seat breakdown of the model below using our interactive data tool.

      Other key...



      Politics Home: "Turquoise Tories" could sound the death knell for the Conservatives in marginal seats

      The following article has been published by Politics Home and covers advanced voter research conducted by Stonehaven ahead of the 2024 General Election has been covered by Politics Home.

      Around one in six 2019 Conservative voters who want to see action taken on the climate said they will switch parties...

      Chris Loy


      New economic analysis finds big fiscal savings from removing barriers to young welfare claimants working.

      A new study by Stonehaven economists has found that relatively modest investment in Universal Credit claimants in supported housing could offer the taxpayer a return within a 5-year Parliament.


      An estimated 189,500 working age people live in supported housing across the UK. Supported housing helps these...

      Martin Kelly

      UK and Europe · Energy | 20/03/2024

      New report calls for consumer led decisions on local clean energy investment

      A new report calls for widespread reform of energy regulation to speed up local distribution of clean energy to homes and businesses across the UK.

      A new study by strategic sustainability consultancy Stonehaven warns new energy networks need to grow and adapt “further and faster than ever before” to reach...

      Adam Bell

      Sustainability | 15/03/2024

      Turned off by green branding, turned on by green brands

      Emily Rule


      Green Tariffs: Are CBAMs the new Corn Laws?

      In December, the Government announced that a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) will be implemented on imports of certain goods from 2027. Reaction was positive, with almost three-quarters of UK manufacturers supporting a UK CBAM, noting that it can create a level playing field. But border tariffs have a long...

      Leila Roberts


      Re-Thinking Retail: Protecting Consumers

      Today we've released a follow-up report on the retail energy market, Re-Thinking Retail: Protecting Consumers.

      Adam Bell

      UK and Europe · Political Economy | 23/11/2023

      The next UK election: More 2017 than 1997?

      Stonehaven’s latest MRP reveals that Labour are set for a 1997-style landslide majority at the next UK general.

      But, the data warns against complacency from Labour– a critical 6% of voters who are Tory defectors have the potential to undermine the Party’s ambitions as they are yet to fully convince...



      What's the recipe for successful cultured meat? Cultivating consumer confidence

      The environmental challenge of the food system is one of the trickiest and most politically contentious challenges of our time. One potential solution lies in cultured meat grown in laboratories. As the UK moves towards permitting these meats and adapting regulation, sustainability specialist Bella Nourse and policy consultant Tobias Burke...


      net zero transition · Sustainability | 24/10/2023

      Nothing to hide here. Why we work on difficult sectors

      In this age of (rightful) sustainability scrutiny of all corporate sectors, including consultancy, it occasionally crosses my mind that our firm, which married Robertsbridge with Stonehaven, might one day find itself on the end of one of those ‘gotcha’ moments in which advisory firms are challenged, in public, on the client...

      Brendan May

      transport | 13/10/2023

      Will the extreme weather of this summer change the future of travel?

      Our expert research team has taken a look back at the extreme weather events of this summer and explored whether they may affect people’s future travel preferences. Senior Consultant Angus Boobbyer takes a deep dive into the results, suggesting businesses may need to reassess their long term strategies in light...

      Angus Boobbyer

      Energy | 28/09/2023

      Reinventing Retail Energy: Making the energy retail market fit for the next generation

      Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s vision for privatisation was to ensure: “the state’s power is reduced, and the power of the people enhanced”. While some market-based reforms from her premiership have given customers greater flexibility, control, and choice, it is hard to see how privatisation of retail energy has resulted...


      Politics | 28/09/2023

      Labour set for big majority: see the result of every seat

      Stonehaven’s latest MRP model provides our first detailed forecast of how tactical voting will shape the next election. View the interactive data tool below.

      The headline result is clear: our model shows that Labour would secure 372 seats – a stable majority of 90 – were the election held today....


      Sustainability | 14/09/2023

      No appetite for change? A look at food and obesity policy

      Our expert research team has taken a look at the key issues on food and obesity policy and what UK people really think about them. Managing Consultant, and research specialist, Tom Welborn explains the results and why politicians shouldn't fear interventionism on food and obesity policy.

      This month, children returning...

      Tom Welborn

      UK and Europe | 17/08/2023

      Engineering Skills Gap: Evolving the industry to inspire the new modern workforce

      Our latest deep data dive shows that a fifth of the engineering workforce is set to retire in the next five years, and current recruitment drives are failing to plug the gap. On today’s trends, the sector is heading for a shortfall of one million engineers by 2030 which runs...


      net zero transition · transport · Political Economy | 25/07/2023

      Taking the right lessons from the Uxbridge by-election and ULEZ

      Our Managing Partner for Insights and Strategy Pandora Lefroy takes a look at the lessons from the recent Uxbridge byelection. 

      When you understand that mandating individual change is driving opposition to ULEZ, you can begin to understand how to make the case for change.

      I study voters for a living....

      Pandora Lefroy

      UK and Europe · Political Economy | 07/06/2023

      Politicians and business leaders must wake up to the end of cheap money, as ‘hamster wheel households’ start to feel the pain.

      The following opinion piece was first published via CapX. Data tables from our research are available for download at the bottom of this page.

      There are two big public policy challenges facing home ownership in the UK. The first, getting onto the housing ladder, if you don’t have a helping...


      Energy | 08/04/2023

      Why Britain needs more pylons, and how to get them built. 

      Stonehaven’s Director of Policy, Adam Bell, spoke to the BBC in response to the Government’s announcement today on the insights to unlock consensus for the construction of more pylons to make energy cheaper for consumers. If you missed the interview, you can read his blog below.

      The UK’s energy is...

      Adam Bell

      UK and Europe · Political Economy | 27/03/2023

      A Route to Re-Election?

      The Conservatives are underpriced, and a Labour victory at the next election is not set in stone, despite what many had seen in recent years and an insurmountable lead in the polls. According to Stonehaven's latest polling and analysis, the Government has turned a corner on two years of decline,...


      net zero transition · Political Economy · Energy | 09/03/2023

      The Return of Nuclear

      The last couple of years have seen a sea change in public attitudes towards new nuclear across the UK. Rising energy bills and Putin’s war in Ukraine have put a laser-like focus on the UK’s energy security and revealed more starkly than ever the importance of investing in British energy...


      UK and Europe · Political Economy | 19/01/2023


      In our latest insights feature, our new Senior Advisor, Carwyn Jones, talks about how UK businesses can build stronger bridges with the current Labour Party. 
      It’s a very exciting moment to be joining Stonehaven as a Senior Adviser.
      Over the course of the next 18 months, businesses and...

      Carwyn Jones

      UK and Europe · Energy | 30/06/2022

      Beyond Sticking Plasters: Cost of living and the energy crisis

      UK energy prices have increased by about 50% over the past six months and further sharp increases are expected over the next year. This will squeeze domestic budgets, especially for those households with less than the average disposable income of £31,000 a year, for whom energy already makes up 7%...


      Political Economy · Sustainability | 25/04/2022

      The Plant-Based Revolution: Fad or Fixture?

      Plant-based foods are an increasingly popular alternative to meat and dairy products. In our latest report we explore the changing place of meat in the diets of people around the world, as well as the policy implications and business opportunities that come with change as sustainability pressures mount. 



      UK and Europe · Political Economy · APAC | 11/04/2022

      The changing global trade landscape

      Paul Madden CMG, one of our Senior Advisors, shares the six challenges business face when navigating the growing trend of deglobalisation and the opportunities it offers.

      If you’re thinking the global trade scene is suddenly looking a lot more complicated, you’re not alone. For most of my career, trade was...

      Paul Madden CMG

      transport · Political Economy · UK and Europe · APAC | 16/12/2021

      The science of politics, climate, and the impact on aviation

      It has been almost 2 years since the aviation industry was grounded. The path back will be shaped by customer concerns over open borders, appetite to return to mass travel, and growing concern over the climate impacts of aviation. A new report published by Stonehaven and Robertsbridge has found that of these factors, climate concerns are over 10x more powerful...